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DuPree Transportation, LLC., As an organization, and as individuals, we continually seek out the specific needs of those who depend on us. We consistently deliver excellence safely and timely. With equipment that enhances both communications and fuel efficiency, we are responsive, flexible, and reliable.

With primary operations in Hattiesburg, Mississippi DuPree Transportation is positioned as a leader along the in the Hub City as well as surrounding areas. DuPree Transportation delivers transportation services with a dedicated professional staff. At DuPree we believe that "Together We Can Make A Change".

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DuPree's Commitment to a Sustainable Environment DuPree Transportation has been and will always be committed to making sure we have fuel efficient equipment. It not only makes sense on a profitability stand point but we also have a responsibility to make sure we are doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. All of our tractors are five years are newer so we are always taking advantage of the cutting edge technology that our equipment manufactures produce. We are always looking for new innovations and always trying new things because we know fuel economy is what makes a trucking company profitable! Because we are constantly growing, we’re always looking for experienced drivers who meet our high standards.

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DuPree Transportation Inc.

Office: 601-606-9031

Fax: 601-533-8927

Email: trucking@dupreetransportationms.com

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